Who Says April Is

Somewhere someone
decided this is our
month. As if all

the told slant
truths might bloom
simultaneously in a city

garden bed. Everyone’s talking
about getting wisdom

teeth pulled
today. From some non-euphoric
recall, I see nothing

poetic about it
save the prescription

for codeine
I couldn’t afford
to get filled.

4 thoughts on “Who Says April Is

  1. Amy, your recent work has been really throwing me for a loop.
    each poem has super great parts but then another part
    ruins it. often it happens at the end. I loved the above poem until I got to:
    “I couldn’t afford to get filled.” that line puts me somewhere I don’t want to go in that poem. like making a cake and putting in the wrong ingredient.
    or putting in too many ingredients. more is not always better.
    ………please don’t take this as negative as I like you a lot.


  2. well, i go the other way than Michael’s comment. I like the poem all the way and then the last bit just make it clicks. I like the unexpected, the contrast and that you have what to say


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