27 August 2012

For My Father

The Mississippi flows
a calm at my feet
to send the message
in ripple effect:

I must trust
that your spirit will continue
to guide and nudge me
(despite inevitable snags) the way

you always did
when you were alive.

4 thoughts on “27 August 2012

  1. Amy, please accept our condolences on the loss of your father. The loss of your father is one of life’s deepest hurts for most people.We hope your healing can start after the grief has subsided. Circle of Life. Amy and I are now in the same space as you. We have both lost love ones recently. Amy’s dear sister Linda and my big sister Mary Catherine. Our lives have been consumed the better part of this year, with the events leading up to their passing. Amy’s sister Linda passed last month, my sister Mary Catherine last wk. We are still in the heavy handed grip of grief for these siblings that had been such a big part of our lives.Know that we too share in the grief for those that are no longer in our lives on this side of the veil. Dan and Amy McCarthy


  2. Dan and Amy: I am so sorry to hear about your siblings. I know how important sisters are. I have two older sisters who have been pillars of strength for me especially during this tremendous loss of our father. Take care of yourselves. Thanks so much for reading my blog. Slowly I will get back into the rhythm of regular poetry posts–poetry soothes like nothing else. Take care. — Amy


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