Circle of Cinquains

We were
so immortal
we would jaywalk across
Washington at night defying
our fear.

knit their stories
to a high chain link fence.
Who knows how or when it will fall

I’ve been
dining with one
mannequin for decades.
She wears that old vial necklace
he made.

all the mirrors.
Turn up the radio.
Admit it, you do miss them. Damn

to dine inside
together till you see
plexiglass pendant head surrounds
in place.

Helmet shields. How
many boys did you kiss
in those couch graveyard cellars
back then?

I don’t
remember what
happened to the front porch.
Gone overnight, wood railings, steps,
and all.

And that
whip-its mishap.
She said she’d never seen
anyone with singed-off eyebrows

past lives collide
inside a tank covered
in tally marks I drew without

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