Double Helix: How Did We Get Here?

everything can be delivered
early spring sun sneaks through open blinds
perfect ribbons of light map a path
to a host of shadows
you know nothing of the prisoner
who gets nothing delivered
a loner’s paradise
run amok / what is life

potential in the period
between birth and death
the opposite of this rock
who says it has no energy
like a seed with so much potential
on the verge

they can be destroyed
a curling lock of his hair
volute shells they collected in the cuffs
of their rolled trousers
the aching voice as it breaks over the bridge
they can be destroyed
how many song thrushes stuck
to the branch with birdlime

your mistletoe concoction
pest or kiss or misunderstood
they can be destroyed / the red maples moan
they can be destroyed
novel agents rebel everywhere
in their quest for a borrowed life

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