June Haunts

I find my spot
near the pool table
in a room empty of people
leafy green pals everywhere

a seemingly neverending
flame in the transparent fireplace
even on a hot Friday night
the sun won’t go down for hours

I know a little about being
permanently see-through
have been telling all
with my face since birth

Saturday morning south of downtown
they do the nitro cold brew here
I’ve been waiting for the season
to fully kick in / the cool froth

smooths over the edges of a long week
coffee ice cream colored of course

over and over again
I have professed my love
to this month that holds so much
promise I thought would be kept

the way NCB lives up to its beauty
as a taunt to all those wasted
sips / the ones I thought I would get
to keep along with the blue hued awe

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