Happy To Be Accused

of being
this kind of witch

where buoys
the color of flaming swords

float next to gigantic statues
of the kiss

a sulty slow-moving boat
leaves behind

a kaleidoscope
of the famous and infamous

bobbing in its wake / happy
to pour

the smoothest
nitro cold brew into tall glasses

for us to sip
as we watch another chapter

in a billboard world
pass by / a Victorian era

beach resort hotel
with a ripened red roofed turret

collides with a chalky white chateau
draped on a hill

overlooking Sunset Boulevard
in the same frame

the unlicensed coast along
wide / wider / widest boulevards

all this visible light
broadcasts in 22-mile stretches

a magic wand with a wavelength
of roughly 608.81 nanometers

shines on / not another
survivor’s guide /

no / a thriver’s rapture
we can recite to one another

as it swirls its pages above
the smoke and signs and peaks and dust

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