and this is June

it’s the month
for smiles

and meteor showers
and oceans
I love/

hate the month
of June
births of past lovers

including the first
who later drowns
in his own swimming pool

Father’s Day goes on
even after
the father dies

celebrate global running day
and my niece
weeks before the longest day

and shortest night
in the Northern Hemisphere
flip it in the Southern

Seersucker Thursday
Bike to Work Week
in Victoria

celebrate flip flops
surfing and Canadian rivers
Hungarian teachers

Icelandic seamen
but what about
the seawomen

doughnuts and trails
dairy goats
and thunderstorms

queens from Papua New Guinea
New Zealand
England and Norfolk Island

private reflection
in Northern Ireland
the Finnish flag

Russian inventors
and rationalizers
pixies and Dutch veterans

bomb pops and Juno
log cabins and roses
don’t forget my niece

Kenyan and Luxembourger mothers
weather whiplash
and where are the lightning bugs

moonstones and summer
meteorlogically and
astronomically speaking

honeysuckle and pearls
and the night
I may have ruined my life

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