Why Does Everything Depend on the Weather?

How will she know when
to stop running?

If the temperature drops below zero,
what happens to the ornaments
on the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree?

Why does that tree make her sob
and dream of Old Tjikko standing alone
on its Swedish mountain?

What happens when they say it’s too cold
to snow? Who do they think they are

to spread fake news to those boys and girls
looking for a glimmer of hope
on a January night in International Falls?

How can she greet other loners
on the trail tomorrow
with her lips and arms frozen in place?

How many myths have gotten trapped
beneath the frozen surface of that lake?

How do night ice fishermen hook them
to use to swap tall tales
while for they wait for the walleye to bite?

Will she smell the black ice
when she comes down the hill?

What does the fish smell
as it swims long distance
in the middle of its school?

The bridge’s reflection on the water
in the low light
tastes tart to her this time.

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