You Can’t Copyright a Title, so

Let it be.
After the disco, death
won’t send a letter.
No depression, you want it darker
the next day.

Talk, talk, talk.
When the devil’s loose,
don’t tell a soul.
Tonight’s the night, insane world,
I am not afraid of you,

and I will beat your ass.
Stories from the city
and the sea bring the family
unknown pleasures
that much further west.

So alone, nobody’s darlings
shake some action.
Trace everywhere at once,
based on happy times,
whipped cream, and other delights.

Heroes live through this
lovers knot stink—laugh
in the dark. Nevermind the idiot
wasting light, every picture
tells a story.

Souls for sale, everybody knows
this is nowhere—
wincing the night away.

Then the morning comes.
Union. Anodyne.
Figure 8. Exit 0.
Suprise, sweet old world,
see how we are.

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