Space Eaters

She craves sitting
at a table
with a small lamp
and mood ring light.

She thinks about room
dividers but
chooses to exercise
her freedom against them.

She sees you
don’t need to own
a book
to own it.

Still she can’t
let go. Declutter

first enters the language
in the 70s
according to Google Ngram.
According to Google Ngram,

case could be cafe,
fame could be same,
sunk could be funk,
suck could be —

Or, it could have been 1950.
Hypertext tempts her
to clutter her mind
with red herrings

and parsed scraps of joy
that grow mold
when stored in dank drawers
below street level.

A photograph called
“Sisters Swimming”
hangs on
a coffee bar wall.

Shadows of naked limbs
and a spine on a rock
during a roadtrip to Grand Marais
define someone else’s bliss.

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