Danger in the Word Playground 

creepy sock monkeys
creepy socks with monkeys
embroidered on them
creepy monkeys wearing socks

wear an extra pair
when it gets this cold
get rid of this cold
before it gets rid of you

hot flashes confuse the issue
the issue of hot flashes
is confusing
he’s so hot
in his confusion
in the photo
she takes of him
without a flash

to go slo-mo without a flash
is not the same as having no flash
option with a pano taken
of the offing before dawn

and a pano is not the last
clipping she will encounter
as she leaves the lab
to meet her shrink in a pub

where they have an open mic
on Monday nights
no photos feds
or stashes allowed

I can’t stop I must stop
I won’t stop just one more
stop before hitting the Monkey Bar’s
last call

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