The 8th Almond

Let’s repeal the 22nd Amendment.
Forgive the last
malaprop you heard. A 16th chapel
might get built eventually.

Whoever really said
that thing you love
may not have meant it.
Or changed her mind.

The truth lies
somewhere inside
those quotation marks.
Or died outside the line.

That biopic’s flaws
have nothing to do with
fact versus fiction,
dark versus light,

the time that travels
at lightning speed, or
those hours that get stuck
in a swollen bog.

Even a steel wall
could come down
with enough
enough is enough.

It ends with an orange MGB
crashing into a giant boulder.
But it doesn’t end there.
Was it really orange?

Sometimes there is
an 8th almond
and a giggle
before good-night.

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