October Here to There in Six Easy Steps


She digs through the closet
in search of that bag
filled with stupid knit
hats and gloves. Sooner

and sooner trespasses with ice
and wind and snow.


The experiment fails
on the old Iron Range.
Where are those damn mittens?
Before it’s too late,

come down
to your senses.


Steal this plot
instead. Dance on
CBGB’s grave. Recite
a poem on the other side

of the Bowery, or in the alley
that tells no secrets.


Use your imagination.


The rhythm will follow—
down a sidewalk grate,
land on top of a subway train
heading to Brooklyn,

become unrecognizable
when it resurfaces


in Coney Island.
It will ask itself:

How did I get here?
You will answer:

All beats lead to a beach
on an island no longer an island in fall.

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