October 12, 2014

I’ve folded his poem into an imperfect
square aka
a rectangle to read later not sure when
maybe on the plane
before it takes off maybe tonight in the hotel
before I turn off the light maybe never but

I know I won’t be able to resist
reading another poem
entitled Saudade and hope to write a memorable one
of those myself some day
for now I settle for titles like strays chrome
before browsing mutate mule etiquette
fit for drinking this is becoming
a nonlinear prose poem except

I am trying to pay attention
to line breaks
and may succeed
impeach you would be another example
and of course you can never write too many
poems called daffodil or

and especially the take no heroes hotel my personal favorite
wish it could be the title
of a book of poems not just one floating
on the polished surface
of a Midwestern lake
who decided it was cool to hang
framed family photos on the stair case wall
they call that wetting the whistle with water
this time I wouldn’t gum up his works I wouldn’t

the date October 12
stares back at me again
time to declare no more bones
on display take away this Columbus Day
we are all thieves

2 thoughts on “October 12, 2014

  1. Amy – wow!
    what a great run.
    really, was enjoying very much your line breaks when suddenly the line breaks themselves spoke to me. I was at bewilderment at first but then I was enjoying it, it was like being tickled by your own hands. Then it was all ars poetica and then it was many things and I had to read it again and enjoyed it all the same
    or more.
    Thank you
    and yes
    use that
    as a title one day


    • Thank you Dhyan! Was playing around with a stream-of-consciousness approach without formal breaks offered by the poet. I have written a few “Saudade” poems but none have done justice to the word’s beautiful mystery. I will keep trying.


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