9 thoughts on “Netting

  1. you really made me (and i still do) try and imagine the architecture of bed poetry. I give you big applause for that.

    and your poem is tightly knot, it is wonderful. It is good whether you chose to call it poetry or architecture.


      • Ya have seen in your About that you work for an architect, that is why I thought your view (literally) of bed poetry would be more interesting.
        It also says in this about Caryatid so I thought it was out and in the reach of an hand.


  2. Reblogged this on Utopian Fragments and commented:
    This is yet another wonderful poem from Amy Nash whose work always stir something. I am happy I can reblog it right here and am urging you to sign up for updates from her blog to get to know her unique way with the words.


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