All My Favorite Photos of You

for Sheri

Gone. Did the New York Subway #1
train pickpocket keep
them? I shouldn’t have kept them
all in my wallet. I wanted

some—any—scrap left
of you with me
at all times. You had been
gone only a little

over a year. I should have paced
myself. I was too young
and naïve to understand the infinite
nature of your absence. You understood

limits and functions
so much better
than I ever could. And
the symbol

for infinity could be
a pattern we used to scrape out
with our skates
on the Thornton Park Ice Rink.

8 thoughts on “All My Favorite Photos of You

  1. Amy ,

    Can’t believe you lost all your pictures of Sheri! It was sad enough to lose her but to lose all your pictures must’ve put you over the edge. I knew I’d see something sweet and prolific from you today about Sheri. Thanks for always being able to put your thoughts into words.

    Love ~ Jori


    • Thanks, Jori. It was heartbreaking that day my wallet was stolen. Maybe having to rely on my memory/imagination to see her has helped me write about her. All I know is I find it crucial to use the poetry to keep her memory and pure spirit alive. I am so grateful to have your friendship, Jori. Love, Amy


  2. Just found this blog Amy. What a beautiful tribute to Sheri. I still think of her regularly. I don’t have the eloquence of your words. Thank you.


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