11 Years and Counting

This day
my endless gratitude
for each moment I get to live

4 thoughts on “11 Years and Counting

      • Thank you for your interest Amy. Amy and I are doing well, we are expecting our 2nd grand child in Jan. WE still go to as many shows as we can afford, and are fortunate that Cincy has a number of venues that offer free shows from groups coming thru town. Our new favorites are the Lone Bellow, check them out, their songs and harmonies are awesome.I hope the sorrow and pain of losing your father is more bearable as time moves on. Circle of life. I made the same decision you made over 30 years ago. Best decision I ever made. I am currently working on a presentation of songs and images regarding the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald, my father was 1st mate, at the time it went down. It was the last trip of his last year before retirement after 35 years on the great lakes. He never made it home to my mother Mary, but my mother by her own wishes rests with him forever. That’s the angle of my presentation. The story of how we made that happen, is more than interesting. Daniel


  1. Daniel: Nice to hear you are doing well. Congrats on the upcoming arrival of your second grandchild! I will have to check out Lone Bellow. Good luck with your project. Regarding your father: What a horrible way to lose someone. I certainly remember the tragedy happening (was living Shaker Heights, OH, at the time). What a special thing you are doing to pay tribute to him. Take care. –Amy


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