To Cross the Path of an Albino Squirrel on Friday the 13th

To hang sconces
so low they could poke
an eye out. To climb
a ladder left
to rot beside
a dead pigeon still
in perfect form. To bruise
the right
wrist when the left
ankle is already packed
in ice. To be so
vulnerable is no more
bad luck than
cracking up in full
length mirrors.

3 thoughts on “To Cross the Path of an Albino Squirrel on Friday the 13th

  1. is crossing the path of an albino squirrel bad luck? didn’t even know you get albino squirrels.
    And I was born a Friday 13. damn good day I tell you. By us both 13th and Friday are considered to be good so it is double good then.


    • I think Friday the 13th is definitely a lucky day then. My niece was also born on a Friday the 13th too. There seem to be an unusually high number of albino squirrels in the park across the street from where I live. Not sure why. And, no, I am not aware of any official bad luck regarding them. Just good ole’ poetic license. ; )


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