Small Rain

It spits
as it sings
of spring. She could start

the season over. Forget
the loud neighbor’s death
threats (sarcastic or not),

a father’s descent
into absolute silence,
a coworker’s suicide

that stings
the skin of all who knew
of him

but never got to know
who he was.


5 thoughts on “Small Rain

  1. Hi, Amy. Nice to connect with you at the Loft Poetry Conference.This is a lovely blog. I’ll peak in from time to time, especially on those days when I need your quiet voice and time-pausing images. And for inspiration should I decide to launch a blog on my website.


    • Morgan: It was lovely to see you at the conference. I really enjoyed the lunch talk. Thanks so much for checking out my little blog. Your opinion and supports means a lot to me. Take care. –Amy


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