Or Flaxseed

Why can’t I accept
your invitation—to what
would it be to cause this collapse
of self-awareness. Not a rhetorical question

but one for the digital social etiquette
manual not written

down. Love between bytes
hasn’t caught on. Or, I haven’t caught
it. Inoculation is how I live now. And these invites
seldom require leaving this post

where I navigate traffic
inside a grain of sand.

4 thoughts on “Or Flaxseed

  1. I like it!
    I also would like to know the story behind this … over coffee @ d-bros? That is like asking the magician to reveal a secret, I know, but from what I can tell you have a lot of tricks up your sleeve. You can spare one.


      • Yeah, you and the other throngs. ; ) Me, code of ethics? Nah. Just hard to explain anything artistic. Why did Bach put that note there, or Titian use that color? Not that I’m comparing my poetry to Bach or Titian–eek. Maybe that all came out wrong. Better discussed over coffee.


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