2 thoughts on “Written on the Skin

  1. “a morning ghost
    moon makes me want

    to believe in mystery’s propulsion
    over city lights.”

    and we all want to believe in magic. sometimes we tire of the bright lights, sometimes our eyes can’t deal with them any more. then, the slight glow of the moon is salvation.

    great poem (:


  2. May 28,2010 around 830pm,I was doing lullaby for my 2month old son while staring on the fullmoon, I SAW a reflection of a CROSS. For making sure It was not an overlooking, I tried staring at within 2 up to five minutes and It was real reflection.. What does it mean? Some old people said, its a goodluck, so I should have prayed and make a wish on it.How true is this?


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