300 Days

A super moon rises a day after
trees came down and a quarter of the city

was left powerless. Before
you were gone

from not just your body
but your mind, you would have counted

on that extra full
lunar event to anchor us

a little more securely
to life. Before and after.


To become retro
for the third time, to hear
laughter cloud the air

from a different direction—more west
than east, south than north—to lose
track of the full moon

tally is to be in medias
res. Is to be on
the verge

of reconciliation: talk
with listen, sleep with walk, trust with
survive, survive with prevail.

Day 2,935

Shellac the night
to morning, morning to
afternoon. A mail box

and a lamp post
uprooted and toppled
onto the only path left. Action lies

beneath frozen rain sheets. What begins
may endure longer than anyone
might imagine. And then there’s the full moon.

Into this Autumnal Equinox

This rain may mute
the full moon tonight,
may turn my thoughts to wet

brain, incurable
delusion, doubt, immobility.
I cannot blame

those clouds or any weather
pattern for this disease
of selfish, vicious obsession. It fights

back by sitting in wait
to rot my body—power
greater than myself. I won’t decay

today, will walk into spitting
wind to become present
inside a drop of cannot know.

Written on the Skin

Total exposure before a second
full moon passes over 

the sky to our right is my wrong
impulse—the one I don’t have 

the courage to plunge into darkness.
I still can’t explain why 

a morning ghost
moon makes me want 

to believe in mystery’s propulsion
over city lights.

Set Up for Reverie

A hinge creaks, the trap
door swings opens. She passes 

through. It’s these details.
They weigh on her. She’s not
catatonic—she just can’t complete her day 

dream. She needs to fill in
all the blanks.  Where? What
begins in a coffee bar on Hennepin moves 

to a Linden Hills basement
to a truck parked
on the street to a pedestrian 

bridge over the river. When?
Civil twilight to midnight 

with a full moon. What? 

An encounter transforms
into a planned meeting
into a passionate charge 

down to experience the unforgettable. Why?
Because it’s finally time.
Who? You 

would like to know. If
she could just get to the kiss,
she might reveal the shadow 

hands pressing against
her hips. Until then,
you can hover overhead.