No Molesting Vegetation

I want to make a wish
at an artesian well. Take me 

to the old comfort
station near the 125-year-old iron 

footbridge. No longer providing relief
to men, women, children passing by, 

it aerates the pond. Who will
aerate me? 

From this curved history, I can see
a pond in transition— 

half ice, half water freed
from the long arm 

of Minnesota winter.  I don’t need
a hug from that set 

of limbs. I’ve wiggled out
of that passive 

aggressive affair. Lately, I take
winter in layers, leave it 

behind when the last chunk
dissolves to crack open 

a warmer motion.
I no longer dread 

seeing the old lover—he’s got nothing
on me these days. I know how 

to remain unattached. I’m ready 

to place my feet before the well,
to drop the coin in.

2 thoughts on “No Molesting Vegetation

  1. Amy,
    I am thoroughly enjoying your poetry! Like you mentioned before-we may be kindred spirits. I feel it through the words. You give me something to look forward to after coming home from work; at a time when I need it the most. Just wanted to share that with you.


  2. Matt:

    Thank you so much. You are inspiring me to keep going. I keep to a personal goal to write a poem a day and try to keep to a goal of posting something on the blog each night. Some days it is really hard to do. Your encouragement helps tremendously. I too am enjoying exploring your poems and cool film reviews.

    Happy writing!



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