Chronic & Cathartic

A nonstop flight
to the central dead
letter office. No unnecessary
sentimental greetings
outside security. No wait
at the airport tram


No line when she arrives.
An easy drop
into the maw
of a gigantic shredder.
Bits of bile-singed pulp
get spit out.

Dross, even slag,
to be recycled
into her next
line-breaking monster.

2 thoughts on “Chronic & Cathartic

  1. I read so much on WP and other places, as we all do, and maybe it’s something…”nice”, and so we click the “like” button because it costs nothing to do so. So why not? I mean, it’s a show of support, and we get to know each other. Whatever. ~ But your writing is at a different level. You say something in your poetry, and it draws me in for closer inspection. It’s not just an attempt at cleverness; there’s an actual wedge of one’s life in it. When I read you, I feel as though I learn something—both about life and writing. ~ Thank you.

    And that’s what I meant when I hit the “like” button this time. 🙂

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