It Was More than the Wrong Piano

Suddenly she realizes
she’s been reading
the wrong book
and following the wrong
rules. And living in the wrong
neighborhood in the wrong
city. And working at the wrong
job and playing the wrong
piano. Wearing the wrong
smile. Loving the wrong
man. And she wonders

what’s so wrong
with wrong.

7 thoughts on “It Was More than the Wrong Piano

  1. your poem describes the life of tammy baker (bakker ?)
    wrong job: tv religion
    wrong book and rules: bible and honesty
    PTL was totally criminal
    her husband and children were criminals
    she was a criminal
    her music was terrible
    her smile was phony
    her love for JIM was phony
    JIM constantly cheated on her

    please don’t take this as negative but VIC CHESNUTT ???


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