June 12th

Yesterday was another
one. Twenty-one
years—but why keep

a tally? Yesterday
I heard his signature
song come tumbling out

of that Irish pub
on the mall. Part of that romance
on public transportation

series. The only kind I could know
other than this pedestrian love.
Really that’s all there is

for me not quite
half a lifetime later—so many
of the original players long gone.

2 thoughts on “June 12th

  1. I like your line breaks, they definitely give the poem depth. I liked the line “I heard his signature…” and then you broke the line and started the next line with “song…” Nice.


    • Ryan:
      Thanks for your nice comments and for checking out my blog. I do definitely like to play with line breaks and enjambment. Thanks for noticing. I will have to check out your blog too.


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