I understand how it is
to become mesmerized
by a sea 

siren. I’ve had my own
Ondine. I’ve wanted
to destroy immortality with my mouth 

and hands. Had my own Rose
too—have followed the unraveling
of all tapestry 

in motion. It’s a disturbed drive
to erase all plot
to revel in what remains—a face 

framed just for me.

2 thoughts on “Joseph

  1. About “Joseph”… There’s alot of references that are over my head and I enjoy learning about new things. Being a fan of film, I caught the ‘Ondine’ reference but had to look up Joseph Cornell. This poem-like all of your poems-is beautifully written, but a little hard to access. Your knowledge of your craft is almost overwhelming!


    • Thanks for your comments. I hope my writing isn’t too obtuse or obscure. I recently saw an exhibit of some of Joseph Cornell’s work at the Walker Art Center here in Minneapolis. I am drawn to the fact that he had these great obsessions (with the dancer Fanny Ceritto who portrayed Ondine and the 1930s actress Rose Hobart). I can so relate to those kinds of obsessions with strangers who convey some kind of personal message about beauty and art and tragedy. Or whatever. I confess I haven’t even seen the movie but will have to check it out. Have you seen The Secret of Roan Inish? Beautiful film.


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