Fracture Critical

I am the waterfront
cottage you refuse
to abandon

after another super
storm. I refuse
to be redundant. I am

one more tragic
hero in a long line

of them swimming
in the undertow
after dark. Could be

avoided. It’s the heel not ankle
deep water. I am
never coming back.

Massage Before or After Hours

She’s asking
for it. Live a life
without knives

or cars. Crossing
a street, she’s asking for it

to be safe
for this one between
day. A forgotten anniversary

smashes against one
yet to be named. The sound

it makes
soothes. She remembers
Dark Shadows.

No Rapture

Your cat: unphased
by the relentless booming and yellow
shrieks of a late-night electrical storm.

You: awakened to wonder
if it’s time—time to do something
as hail pings against shut windows

the way car wheels turn
on gravel. That’s it—that’s the setting,
action, plot, conclusion, neither

tragic nor comic, open
ended as 3 am in May.