No Spoiler

If I drove a car, it would
not have one. If
I had a baby, I would
try not to overindulge it.
If I built a cottage
near the ocean, I would
be careful not to ruin
the view. If I knew
the ending to a movie, I would
keep it to myself. If
I had a lover, I would
inevitably do just that
before it went too far.


A violent thought drives
him to grab
the nearest railing
so he won’t spill

himself onto the deck.
The calm water
is a song
he wrote before he knew

how to speak
to women with mouths

like hers. White knuckles
and wet wrists, he remembers
now. Oh, that’s right.

No Rote

Entangled in a net of no one
to blame’s making, I forget
what I said yesterday 

about this pier and its hurricane
scars. About to begin
another plunge into dense 

of choppy water. About to listen
for those dirges we prepared, buried 

in this sand before I began 

to follow musicians around with this
spill—I don’t forget theirs,
they come ashore with ease.