Non Sequitur Invasion

Born between
the UK and US
release of the Beatles’

“I Want
to Hold Your Hand,”
she never knew

life before rock
‘n’ roll. Buds on a few
trees—a week

of rain has a disturbed
purpose. She has been
loved this early

in May. Parades with gigantic
puppets have not
been a good sign. Or,

no message to read
at all. It won’t
storm tomorrow.


Enamor is a taste
more than a color. Extrovert
texture. Black cherry—there’s a hue.
Signage means more to her
than the shape
of these chairs. Positive thinking
is a song.


The alarms are as false
as the ladders and boots are

true to form. She prepares
to leave, doesn’t want sleep

disruption on this last night
before an angel appears—some people

go to church—she goes
straight to the source.

Do You Know

Perfect storm
of sadness perfect sky
perfect color apple perfect collapse

perfect moon
perfect agony perfect love perfect slow
suicide perfect rescue

perfect disease
perfect song perfect hell perfect
emotion—who’s to say when

it’s been reached.

Under Influences (or Emil Nolde’s “Evening Glow”)

Looking at this painting backwards,
the poet begins
to see how not
to end, how the center holds
only recycled reflections of a soul. More 

will be revealed, still
a nuisance theme, runs
rampant in reds and golds inside
closed lids. And then there’s that
damn song and the guy who sings it—how 

it wrote him inside
out.  Was it? It was
this torched. Turn it
over with eyes at rest
Meaning can’t be met 

at the station. It floats over tracks
and erases bridges made derelict overnight.