Fracture Critical

I am the waterfront
cottage you refuse
to abandon

after another super
storm. I refuse
to be redundant. I am

one more tragic
hero in a long line

of them swimming
in the undertow
after dark. Could be

avoided. It’s the heel not ankle
deep water. I am
never coming back.

Barnacle Love

A barnacle clings
to its host, a kiss-up,
annoying to distraction. 

A barnacle hugging
its rocks, the foundation
beds its shore.

No Rote

Entangled in a net of no one
to blame’s making, I forget
what I said yesterday 

about this pier and its hurricane
scars. About to begin
another plunge into dense 

of choppy water. About to listen
for those dirges we prepared, buried 

in this sand before I began 

to follow musicians around with this
spill—I don’t forget theirs,
they come ashore with ease.