Ain’t Paul (or a Fresh Tale of Two Cities To Come Soon)

The S slipped
or becomes
silent a month before
the Green Line begins
service between the two

cities. Crosses the river
in light rail stitching.
She saw the test train return
to the larger downtown
this morning. Her faith

in imperfection runs
parallel to
coincidence and letters

that sometimes drop
off without warning.

Amy Nash will be participating in a poetry reading Saturday, November 9th, at SubText Bookstore in Saint Paul


SubText Bookstore, 165 Western Avenue No., St. Paul, MN
7 PM., Saturday, November 9th, 2013
Poetry, essays about Home
Featured readers include Jill Breckenridge, Tami Mohamed Brown, Wendy Brown-Baez, James Cihlar, Alice Owen Duggan, Margaret Hasse, Molly Sutton Kiefer, Linda Kantner, Julie Landsman, Amy Nash, Ellen Shriner, Cary Waterman, Karen Herseth Wee, Miriam Weinstein


No agent would help
the poet. Bottles
get flattened down to two
dimensions—a window display

for early morning
risers uncertain

about their place. Whoever
turns himself
in becomes the true
peddler of reprieve.

Wabasha Street Caves

From sand dunes to glass
bottles, mushrooms, and gangsters
in three easy steps. Discover

the silica potential, carve
out caves for mining, harvest
the goods

and bad and everything
in between. Dank
and delicious, history is ripe

for the stealing. It’s what I do.

Travels to Saint Paul

If you are the Mississippi,
let me be 

the Minnesota
flowing urgently 

toward you, our

a point
of serious contention, water
marking all maps—virtual and real.