Flash Memoir

“Anonymity is priceless.”
—Jay Farrar, Falling Cars and Junkyard Dogs

At the half
century mark, debris stops

falling long
enough for her

to see stars. Suddenly
she believes

in the power of the speed
of light to guide her

to a place
that needs

no name. Familiar
faces remain

intact. And another
song becomes

a homecoming

she didn’t realize
she was
craving in her sleep.

The Other Side of Block E

Multiple star, high
end hotel with its opaque
smoke and mirror 

windows and dark
corridor leading to a bar
she just wants to see 

to steal a setting
for her make-believe
life. She doesn’t wear 

her glasses. She won’t
go inside. Her nearsightedness
leaves her 

outside conjuring
up sidewalk
impressions instead.