Cracking Up

Oceans rise
by twelve feet
by when. How to buy
time and use it
to buy more. Who

is selling those years,
months, days, hours. Minutes
available on eBay
to the highest

bidder. Too late. Childhood
memories of a shoreline
cottage won’t wash away
with its stoop. Is it really
too late?

Day 333

Temp drops
a natural spritz

darkens the sidewalk. Hail
pounds down

crops. Buzz
used to be
the sound of bees—but

where are they, where
are we now?


To believe a city’s breathing
can awaken prairie grass,
to know a river
did not freeze

behind her, to inspect
high clouds in search

of an old lover’s
face (any one would do)
is to be
more than a witness

to these strange days,
stranger nights.

40 Watt

No pity. No sighs
behind her back. If

she says the word
out loud, it will become

her. No grace
period. She hums

“Female Jesus”
as she walks

the streets alone
at night—that last

Athens, GA, scene
still fresh. No colder

here than there—
and that’s the real pity.

In Situ

A regatta underway in ditch water,
the wind changes direction

just in time. To survive the melt
without damage is no small act. Welcome

to the drip age. From it, drought isn’t a life
saver. Water—too much— not enough—can kill. When

this planet gets the DTs,
it’s all over but the quakes.