Non Sequitur Invasion

Born between
the UK and US
release of the Beatles’

“I Want
to Hold Your Hand,”
she never knew

life before rock
‘n’ roll. Buds on a few
trees—a week

of rain has a disturbed
purpose. She has been
loved this early

in May. Parades with gigantic
puppets have not
been a good sign. Or,

no message to read
at all. It won’t
storm tomorrow.

At Northrop Auditorium Watching the Martha Graham Dance Company

Hand over palm of other hand,
no one sits
like this anymore. But I
do it because I
want to invoke a god 

to this dance
I watch, wondering if
it’s being done right. Because I
need a divine
answer to this mortal question: 

Is it ever done right? 

I wonder what happens if
my heart stops racing
long enough. There’s a girl
who was born yesterday—
and hers is beating just right.

Cedar Point Not Lost (Day 2,160: Take 3)

Sandusky is not merely amusement, not merely
a beer garden, bathhouse, dance
floor where the first lover
would begin to break 

my hope over cold water. Edging Lake Erie,
a peninsula not an island 

after all, Ohio’s tendency for hills. I stay away
to prevent roller coaster motion

sickness—we’re never cured
from the disease
of memory.  What we get
if we’re very lucky, and the light 

is with us, is
a daily reprieve from our inner ear’s relentless imbalance.