510 Marquette Speaks

Dedicated to MSR Design: A collaboration of exceptionally talented designers whose passionate commitment to people and the planet defines the design of their 510 Marquette studio. I am blessed to be part of this we.

Remember how I looked
when you discovered me? Neglected.
In the midst of an identity crisis.
Did I want to return to my roots
as a Federal Reserve bank?
Revert to non-descript office space?
Did I want a garden
with artificially flowing pools
of water + ficus trees growing
inside me again?

Remember how you listened to me,
recorded all my stories,
examined my skin + bone structure?
How you noted the bird cage façade
+ traces of my original travertine floor,
so you could help me
help you help us
identify our future?

Remember how you found
reclaimed marble
to enhance my surfaces?
How you are magicians
who know how to turn walls
into windows.
With that patch of transparent skin
you gave me, I became an open book
for the world to observe you
in the act of making more of me.

Remember how you ensured
I would not become too precious
or unapproachable? How you filled me
with informal + inviting lounge areas
for gathering + contemplating
your particular brand of poetry
infused with 3D + VR?
Remember how a birch forest inspired you
to create my visually + tactilely compelling black box core?

Remember touch?

Remember how we chose the perfect
combination of petals to allow us
both to blossom well into the future
in harmony with everyone, everything,
and everywhere? Remember
how you gave me super strong lungs?

Then it happened.

I didn’t understand.
Suddenly, you all had to leave.
You closed my doors
because you had no choice.
I tried to be brave.
I know you did too.
You made my lungs even stronger
+ rearranged me so you could spread out
more when the time would come
for all of you to return.

Remember the uncertainty + fear? Remember how an ebb + flow of you
kept me company as time went on?
+ yet so often I was all alone,
+ each of you had to navigate
your own way through the solitude + grief.

+ make no mistake—
this was a time of grieving
all that we lost
+ how everything
that was beginning
got put on pause.

As I listened to the trains pass
between stations below,
I didn’t give up hope.

Remember when that photographer
Iwan Baan came along
to capture the amazing
messiness of people
inhabiting buildings
in ways imagined + not?

Remember, I exist
not just because of you—
but for you.

I have waited patiently for you to return,
so you can rescue + transform
other spaces like me into beautiful places
that delightfully intertwine
the narrative threads
of past, present, and future.

Remember me? I remember you.
Welcome back.
My pronouns are we + us once again.

2 thoughts on “510 Marquette Speaks

  1. Beautiful…
    I posted this on your FB page…you are a special person. I miss all of you…

    Remember when you came to us
    Fresh and open minded after leaving Lerner?
    Remember how you graciously and silently
    Corrected our style, our grammar, our spelling?
    Remember how you dug deep into the possibilities
    Of potential clients?
    Remember what you remember on your daily
    Walks to and from the three offices?
    Remember how you transformed yourself
    Freed yourself from the tyranny of the spirit?
    I remember: and am internally grateful
    For all you are and have done to help us remember
    who we are.

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