Our Most Precious Blood

flows through
the center of everything
we drown in drought

a worm’s eye view
it’s not what you think
without eyes

light receptors reveal
an entrance best witnessed
from the side

without ears
trees sense vibrations
to tell the truth without lips

to cross all the rivers
that have ruined me
all the rivers we have ruined

I take the train
it is never enough
the photo shared / breath erased

do I want to know
the truth about that red
stain on the curb

blue pipes run along the ceiling
I hope new weather ice debris
doesn’t hit the fish

swimming close to the pond’s surface
libraries with green roofs
no matter what size

I curse the book
that won’t lay flat
a vertical/horizontal dilemma

a girl who loves tall buildings
and a grid with a wild
tangle of trains running beneath

resurrection of the Cuyahoga
reminds me
of our beautiful thirst

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