What the Swinging Pendulum Cannot Measure

in the gap

between meteorological
and astronomical
fall rainwater fills
a city tree trench

in the gap

I gulp crisper air
nearly choke on it
as I recall
how those towers fell

in the gap

I begin to move
toward running off again
no more waiting
in the mending room

nights spread out
to harbor the color of clay
bricks fresh from the kiln
if only for a moment

in the gap

I see how the moon
tells the truth

even when it looks impossible
even when
it hurts
and regret burns

hotter than cone 6
even when
the quarry no longer sources
the four walls

into this interval

I finally get it Mom

16 months is too long
a gap between
birth and real mother
to mend or mind

if I could cradle
that breach in my arms
rock you slowly to the clicking
of a metronome you set

if there could be
no more gap

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