Evapotranspirators are not
a thing.
They are the thing.

The massive white oak exhales
when I declare trees
and poems

the true skyscrapers
in a repurposed world.

I wear my heart
on the outside.
I’m no wolf

tree. I have
no back of house.
Hoard no

squirrels, spiders, bats,
caterpillars, woodpeckers,
porcupines, vireos, coyotes.

Every green thought
or deep blue feeling
leaks out the pores of my glass skin.

I was a beach
before I became a window
hovering over a wooden stage.

One thought on “Bark

  1. These words were comforting on a day my feelings and thoughts were on the disappearance of the cat known as Boo who had lived with us for 7yrs after I had brought him from the golf course that I had retired from in 201.1 He escaped from the carrier before he even entered his new home. His life as he lived it, had become unsettled because of 2 new dogs that were introduced into the household and complaints from a neighbor that were justified, recent, but out of the blue. Boo was a resourceful loving vocal black cat that was loved by everyone he met except this particular person. Reading your thoughts and typing these words, have given me much needed relief. He is 15 miles away and could make it back home. I had that happen in 1959, a black cat named Zippy was left behind in Lorain Ohio when family moved to west side of Cleveland. She had never been to the new house, but after 8 mo she showed up emaciated and very vocal to live out her life with us. Boo’s Big Adventure. Danny McCarthy


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