And Another One

See a man
who played in a band
with a man
I used to know
inside a CB2
the day before Christmas.

He smells of smoke
and bourbon.
Old friends of mine
turn out
not to be
friends at all.

Not gonna
friend them
on Facebook.
Not gonna
follow them
on Twitter.

Not gonna
romanticize a few
magical nights
followed by years
of self-destruction
and bad poetry anymore.

We’ve all walked
out the door, escaped
up or down
the block.

So the snow
finally begins to fall.

December 22

This life
offers no refunds.
Security deposits
and warranties meaningless.
You can return it,
but no replacement
will land on your doorstep.

This life
gets darker and darker
till a day in December arrives
when invisible fingers
gently press the button,
prepare to slowly turn
the rotary dimmer switch clockwise.

And a brighter
recycling begins.

Blue Line

From a train window, she watches
tombstones march by in the dark.
It comes so early these days.

Life can be so long.
In a superstitious land,
each word becomes a curse.

She makes herself very small
in her seat as a gang
of teenage boys invades the car.

They pummel each other
with fists and chests
up and down the aisle

just for fun. Or, just to prove
their vitality is their virility
to the rest of us.

She’s seen full-grown men
perform the chicken dance
with their jeans dropped to their ankles

to get her attention.
They didn’t need to bother.

Her focus on one of them
couldn’t be broken for years.

She’s got her eye on
figures who parade by after dark.