The Flats

There’s that bend
in the river again.
Calm water. No flames.
A movement born here.
I lost my mind
just a mile west.
The other side.
You accepted this
new me the next night
when we did our dancing
and drinking
inside Euclid Tavern.
So many reinventions—
yours, mine, the river’s.
I thought we would
see each other again.
I’ve been wrong
about so many things.
Want to believe
you can keep morphing
and moving
unencumbered by a body.
Want to believe
you can still receive
these poems.

3 thoughts on “The Flats

  1. That River informed my early life in many ways, just like IT’S serpentine meandering course, my life will finds it’s way back to THE LAKE to complete The Circle Of Life. Thank You

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