Pain is
a messenger
she would like

to shoot
if she had
a gun. If

she believed
in that sort
of thing. If

she had
better aim. If
she wasn’t

sometimes in
love with it—him.

Eccentric or Concentric

The trigger
point may be
centimeters (or miles)
lower than he thinks. It may

be so much
higher, so much
in your head.


She threw
nostalgia in—
along with your initials.

“Turn all
post-war, pre-washed, personal works
over for good, or
for as long as it takes
to forget

Another message
written in poor
handwriting, stuffed
in a glass
bottle to be tossed
into another body
of water—salt or fresh,
or in between.

After the First Year

Let the counting
continue invisible. A voice
so beautiful she’s afraid
to listen for it. If it’s the best
she’ll ever hear,
what then? What key
do ghosts sing in?