The what, where, when, why
of them. Protectors
from what? Blisters
when being broken in
as a newcomer
to the studio. Everyone gets to be
creative—fall in line, tap your shoed foot
to the music we know
plays in your head. Open-toed
or not, they collect
in a box beneath her desk.
Just in case. A pen and notepad—
the best kind
of just in case. She walks
miles along the river
in search of the one
word that will
set her free. A design of symbols
ready to be stepped on
to release the fruit.

Wind Sock

No matter how
he bends, he doesn’t forget
to smile. I wonder
what you would think
of him—but you won’t tell

because you’re dead.
You wouldn’t dance—just nodded
your head. That lilt. The music
was what mattered most to you,
then nothing

but the bottle
beside your bed.

Then there was only one way
out of the ICU. No more
going in either direction
on a boulevard with car dealership
wind socks to draw you in.